Natural Hair Dyes Prove Safer Than Chemical Dyes

If you’re still dying your hair with harmful chemical dyes, you might want to think about changing to natural hair dyes. Recent studies have found a strong link between regular tresses dye usage and the development of disease. One study, published in the International Journal of Cancer, found that individuals who dye their hair once per month or more for over a year have twice the chance of developing bladder cancer than those who do not dye. Users for more than 15 years increase their risk up to three times. It’s grim but true, and this is only the beginning…

In a famous Yale University Study, it was found that lifetime users of dark-colored hair dyes increased their risk of developing Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Most of them women in this study, however, began using hair color before 1980. While chemical hair dyes have definitely changed since this time, they still aren’t completely safe. There have been numerous studies linking the use of these products to diseases and deadly cancers. Not only can chemical hair dyes produce serious health risks, they also damage the hair by penetrating the hair cuticle and damaging the strands from the inside out. Hair that has been dyed with chemicals for long periods often appears dull and lifeless. This wouldn’t happen if natural dyes were used.

Natural hair chemical dyes, on the other hand, produce no unwanted side effects and don’t even penetrate your hair cuticle at all. Dyes made from plant materials strengthen the head of hair instead of harming it. Some common natural tresses dyes include henna, black walnut hulls, sage, dark tea as well as rhubarb. Using hair dye cream, you can create almost any color you want from red to deep black and everything in between, and you can do it without damaging your hair or scalp.

If making your own organic hair color doesn’t appeal to you, there are several natural curly hair dying kits on the market. Be careful, however , as sometimes products are labeled “natural” when they still contain loads of chemicals. Always read the ingredient list and don’t be fooled by slick marketing tricks. For the best results, check your local health food store and see what brands they carry. If you want to use henna, always use body art quality, especially if your hair was previously dyed with chemicals.

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