The Art of Hand-Blown Glass Figurines

Hands blown glass figurines continue to be as sought after as ever. These types of gorgeous pieces are gathered all over the world and they come in almost all styles and designs. The Russian cup animal figurines are some of the most famous and highly desired items around today. You can find nearly every animal imaginable recreated as well as blow as a glass porcelain figurine. The cat figurines and also dog figurines are some of the most used, but many folks enjoy gathering all kinds of animals, anything through small horse figurines in order to larger tiger figurines. There are many to choose from, you’re bound to discover perfect animal figurine for you personally.

The tradition of a glass blowing has been around for many hundreds of years and is one of the oldest recognized art forms. Glass had been even being blown within BC times, but it was not until many centuries later that this glass figurines we see these days were first created. This particular more sophisticated blown glass gifts strategy is still used today inside Russia and other countries all over the world to create delicate glass figures.

The blowing process begins with the gathering of the wine glass. During this stage the motorized inflator collects molten glass through the red hot furnace having a rod. This tricky manoeuvre can be very painful and harmful if it’s not done properly, but once mastered, collecting is quick and easy to do. Following, the glass is then folded. This is done quickly on the steel table before the goblet has a chance to cool. The next thing is the blowing. Air is actually blown by mouth into the cup and a glass bubble starts to form. It’s during this phase that the glass in formed.

There are a number of additional resources such as blocks and paddles used to shape figurines. The actual blower will then add increasingly more glass until he/she offers enough for their figurine task. Once the piece is taken off the blow pipe it really is placed on a annealer along with left to slowly awesome and to set. In order to include colors to the glass, and also to create intricate designs, there are a variety of other equally complex techniques needed. This process is extremely difficult to learn, specialist devices are needed, so it’s best to keep this to the master a glass blowers.

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